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Why art? Do we really need it? Can we live without it? Actually, if you look around you, you quickly realise that we cannot. All sort of art is present all the time around you: a building you live in, a car you drive or a bus you take, small icons on your I-phone and games on your computer, cloths you wear, music you listen to, films you watch, or... a big cherry on a big spoon… Well, is it all art?

We are going to figure it out. But one thing is certain: no other creature in the universe can create something out of nothing, despite whether for a purpose or totally for pleasure. Only humans. It also means that there is a sort of responsibility in it. Thus art is not something only some privileged people can enjoy at their leisure time, and we need to focus on some more serious things. Actually, it is art that makes us humans. Let us together find out, how.

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