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We truly believe that studies have a beginning but no end, as there is always more to learn than what has already been acquired. When we grow in knowledge we begin to realise how little we know. Thus we consider your time of studies as a gift you have received, and we hope that you will make the most of it. This is why we put such great stress on your achievement in your studies. Nonetheless, we desire that you become not only a professionally skilled specialist but also and above all, a critically thinking, open-minded person who, without neglecting the spiritual dimension, can understand what profoundly makes us human, and so have courage to face the challenges of the contemporary world.


As Albert the Great College belongs to and is administrated by the Dominican friars, it naturally subscribes to the Dominican mission to the world. The Order of Preachers, commonly known as the Dominicans, since its beginnings in 1216 has been devoted to building bridges between scientific research, art and culture on the one hand, and faith on the other. As Dominicans we strongly believe that not only is there no division between reason and faith, but also they are like two indispensable wings allowing a human being to approach the Truth. One of the Order’s mottos is VERITAS, from Latin ‘Truth’, which sets an exigent perspective for rigorous intellectual preciseness and spiritual openness. We hope that you, as a student of our College, will join us in this fascinating and never-ending journey in search for Truth, whatever form it might take.

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