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We are happy to share with you our knowledge and we are happy to learn from you. This is why the SAS Programme has been introduced in our College in order to grow in understanding of who we are, where we come from, where we are heading, and ultimately what really makes us humans. Why do we gather in societies, and what are the rules governing them? Is love more important than law and economy, or it is the other way round? What is our destiny and how does it reflect the social structures we build? Did we come from the hand of the Creator and is he (or she) present throughout the course of history? Who are we?


These, and many other questions are asked during our meetings, and we try to find an answer. This, complementary to your studies, a formation programme, is called SAS an abbreviation for Society and Art in the Spiritual perspective. The programme is designed in the form of lectures and seminars alternatively focused on questions concerning Society and Art, and delivered twice a month.


The Society branch mainly ponders upon all recognitions of a self within and outside the society structure, including politics, economy, social policies and human rights.


The Art branch is more focussed on the creative aspect of a human being through meetings on history and theory of art, and depending on the year, through practical workshops.



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