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Furthermore, we cherish dearly the British culture here. Our College was created in the spirit of a traditional English college, where tutors and students live in proximity inspiring each other in their endeavours. This explains also the term ‘College’ - a place where we live together, a place where we can learn from each other.


As a practical tool, we offer you complementary to your studies a formation programme. It is called SAS an abbreviation from Society and Art in the Spiritual perspective. The programme has been designed to help you broaden your horizons and to understand better the world which we live in. This programme is obligatory for all our students therefore please ensure you are prepared to take part willingly in it. Nonetheless, it is very much up to all of us, which subjects we are going to tackle every year, to make it particularly interesting and inspiring.  

One important thing to understand is that our College does not subscribe to the classic idea of 'kot à projet', many of which you can find in Louvain-la-Neuve. Our approach is different.


Actually, our College is not a ‘kot à projet’, because there is no one short-term project or more specific projects to be achieved during or by the end of the Academic Year. Here, we focus on your overall route towards personal maturity and responsibility. Thus, if you really need a term 'project', our project is to inspire you so that you can make your life beautiful, unique, successful and creative.


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