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What are the conditions of acceptance to the College?

1. We accept students from all four cycles: 1st (Bac), 2nd (Master), 3rd (PhD), 4th (Post-doc researchers). Note however that we do not accept first year Bachelor students, as at least one year of academic experience is required.

2. As we are an international college, you are required to have at least a basic knowledge of English. However, if your knowledge of English is not sufficient and additional support is required, we will happily offer you free English Classes during the Academic Year.

3. You need to be motivated to join us.

4. You need to apply.

What should I do to apply to the College?

Please, read carefully all documents at the Admission tab (College Charter, ROI, Terms & Conditions) to ensure that you wish to participate in the life of our College. If you are happy to join us then:

1. Download the Enrolment Form (formulaire d’inscription), fill it in and send it back to us with documents mentioned there, or

2. Contact us by email and we will send you the Enrolment Form.

When can I receive an answer?

As soon as possible. Please note however that if you are applying during holiday times some delay might occur, but we will try our best to get back to you without delay.

When can I know that my application has been accepted?

Upon receiving your completed dossier it will be presented to our Admission Committee. The Committee meets regularly as part of our Council thus you will be immediately informed about the date of the next meeting, and about its results soon afterwards.

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Do I need to bring my own bed linen and towels?

Customarily, our students bring their own bedclothes and towels, which is recommended. If however you are an Erasmus student we can provide all you need until you can get your own.

Do I need to bring my own quilt and pillow?

The above applies.

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Do I need to bring my own pots, plates, glasses, etc.?

Unless you really prefer to use your own, there is no need. All these materials are provided by the College.

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