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There are many challenges in our globalised and multicultural society which require a deeper reflection and consideration. Here, we mainly focus on questions and problems of the contemporary society. Each year a different theme would be chosen to explore, and accompanied by various meetings and conferences held by invited people from the public life and sectors. In a three year perspective three axes would be drawn: 1. politics and economy, 2. science, 3. social policies and the social margin.

It is easy to say that the world is divided into classes of those who posses the means and those who do not. This a bit simplistic view we can leave to the 19 c. philosophers. The point is, that we live in the world where there are many people who suffer, and there are many who are forced to live in inhuman conditions. Among them, there are people, just next your door, who have become victims of human trafficking and exploitation. Should we turn a blind eye on the 21 c. slavery just because they are less in number those who speak up in their name? Stand out of the crowd!

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And think! Despite everything and anything – think! Do not compromise your reasoning to commonly acclaimed obviousness, do not bend your spirit before temporary self-made truths. Thinking is demanding.


In our SAS Programme we also strongly focus on philosophy – to free your mind from superstitions in order to reach the source. To understand and to act.

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